Bureau Bright and Cliptoo Marketing continue to grow together

Full-service marketing bureau Bright and Cliptoo Marketing join forces as of April 1st, 2019. The thus newly established Bureau Bright will be able to accommodate their clients even better on their ambition to growth by the combined expertise on sales and inbound marketing.

Growing the businesses of its clients lies at the very heart of Bureau Bright. In order to make this happen, the agency developed a method that cleverly integrates content, digital marketing and marketing automation software. The field of marketing slowly but surely moves towards the ideal combination of strategy, creation and technology. That is why Bureau Bright chooses to focus predominantly on inbound marketing. The merger of the two bureaus results in a full-service inbound agency with all the relevant inbound marketing, sales and CRM expertises needed to forge an even more interesting proposition for its clients.

Cliptoo Marketing finds its Hubspot client bases both in the Netherlands and abroad. Cliptoo’s founder, Wouter Gijsbertsen, is an early adopter of inbound marketing. In the past five years, his agency developed into an experienced Hubspot party, which resulted in a Platinum Partnership with Hubspot. Gijsbertsen on the collaboration: “Both bureaus recognized the mutual synergetic advantages and knew they were a recipe for future growth and even better inbound services for the client base.” Gijsbertsen also works as a trainer and a lecturer in the fields of inbound and digital marketing.

In the center of the city of Apeldoorn, all expertises are now present to further boost both B2B and B2C companies. The strength of the new Bright lies in the combination of strategy, creativity and technology with inbound marketing and sales, creating unique client experiences. The team of 25 professionals are eager to get to work. Discover, create, grow!


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