Last updated: 13/5/2024
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New HubSpot pricing model! What's it like and what does it mean?

Ronald Bouwman

After a multi-year project that included extensive research and successful pilot periods in Australia and New Zealand, HubSpot is changing its pricing model worldwide on March 5, 2024. From a standard entry price per Hub, HubSpot is switching to a pricing model based on the number of users who need editing rights for a particular Hub. Exactly how this works, what opportunities exist for your organization and whether you should act before March 5, we tell you in this blog.

Current 'Hub based' pricing model (until March 5, 2024)

Currently, as an organization, you pay a flat fee to purchase the Marketing Hub, CMS Hub and/or Operations Hub. This monthly fee is currently not tied to the number of people who need access to HubSpot.

Under the current model, for Sales Hub and Service Hub Starter, Professional and Enterprise, you also pay a flat monthly fee and get a number of Seats in return.

The overview below shows what HubSpot's current pricing model looks like:

HubSpot pricing model until March 2024

New 'seat based' pricing model (as of March 5, 2024)

Starting March 5, 2024, HubSpot's above pricing model is going to change significantly. Namely, HubSpot is switching to 'Seat based' pricing and is going to differentiate between 'Core' Seats and 'View-Only' Seats. This is going to apply to all Hubs.

  • View-Only Seats
    View-Only Seats are free, with a View-Only Seat you have visibility into all Hubs that have been purchased. You just can't customize anything. This means that you cannot log calls, modify workflows or create templates with a View-Only Seat.
  • Core Seats
    Core Seats are seats assigned to users who not only need to have visibility into the CRM, but also need to be able to edit things.

If your organization has been migrated by HubSpot to the new pricing model, then from then on you will need to purchase a Core Seat, Sales Hub Seat or Service Hub Seat for each new user who must have editing rights.

So paying per seat is not entirely new if you are already using the Sales and Service Hub Professional or Enterprise. What is new is that this will now apply to all Hubs. The fixed monthly fee for Marketing Hub, CMS Hub and Operations Hub Professional and Enterprise remains, but you now get a number of Core Seats by default with that.

The fixed monthly fee for Sales Hub and Service Hub disappears. So with this change, HubSpot removes the seat minimums for Sales Hub and Service Hub. The chart below shows what HubSpot's new pricing model will look like:

HubSpot prijsmodel 2024

What does this mean for existing and new HubSpot customers?

The update to HubSpot's pricing model will take effect for new customers worldwide starting March 5, 2024. There is no immediate impact for existing HubSpot customers, but over time all organizations will transition to the new pricing model.

HubSpot will share the exact date your license will transition to the new pricing model directly with all customers in March 2024, they indicate on their website.

What opportunities does this price change present for your organization?

The change HubSpot is going to make to its pricing model could have a significant impact on your licensing costs, but it also presents opportunities. For example, if you have always wanted to use the Sales Hub or Service Hub Enterprise functionalities, but have always been concerned about the high monthly costs.

In the current situation, the most common way to use Enterprise functionalities is to purchase the Sales or Service Hub at the Enterprise level. Here you purchase a license for ten users. In the new pricing model, these functionalities are available from as little as one user. So this can make using Enterprise functionalities significantly cheaper, depending on your situation!

Need more information or help?

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