Last updated: 10/7/2024
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The most important HubSpot updates of June 2024

Robert-Jan Budding

HubSpot is constantly evolving. Every day the company releases major and minor updates to improve the platform. These new HubSpot features are based on valuable customer feedback and are designed to make user experience even easier and better. Every month, Bright brings you up to date on the latest HubSpot updates. Here are the most important updates of the month of June!

Update 1: Compare user permissions

Update_Compare user permissionFiguring out why one HubSpot user has certain permissions and another does not can sometimes be quite a chore. That's why HubSpot now has a new "compare permission" feature. This allows you to easily compare two users and find out the differences.
((Available from Marketing, Content, Operations, Sales and Service Hub Pro+)

Update 2: Add data to HubSpot users

Update_User property HubSpot

Yes! It is now possible in HubSpot to add your own fields to your HubSpot users. For example, add which services you, for which support agent to contact. This can also be useful for adoption, reporting, automations and more. Navigate to > Settings > Data Management > Properties. Click 'Create property and under 'Object type' select 'User'.
(Available from Sales, and Service Enterprise)

Update 3: View deal speed in the 'Stage Tracker'

AI chatbot - HubSpot update-1Do you care to see how long a deal or contact is in a particular pipeline stage? With the new stage tracker card, you can see this super easily. Go to the contact or deal in question and go to the 'Overview' tab in the middle column. You still need to add it first through your Record Customizations(check out this HubSpot article).
(Available for all Hubs)

Update 4: Interactive workflow diagram

Update_Workflow_diagramYou can now visually see what happened to a record as it went through a workflow. A green line follows the path and you can see why a particular choice was made for each action. At each step in a workflow, you can see which path was followed. Handy for analyzing your workflows, right?
(Available from Marketing, Content, Operations, Sales and Service Hub Pro+))

Update 5: Keep sensitive data in HubSpot

Update_Sensitive_data-1If you want to store sensitive (customer) information in HubSpot, you can turn on the "sensitive data" setting. Once this setting is enabled, you can now create properties and upload CRM attachments that store sensitive information. This sensitive data has specific access restrictions and is protected by an additional layer of encryption, on top of the standard encryption offered by HubSpot.
(Available from Marketing, Content, Operations, Sales and Service Hub Enterprise)

Update 6: Weighted 'Round Robin' for Meetings.

Update_Gewogen_Round_RobinUsing weighted distribution means that some HubSpot users can be scheduled for more meetings than other users. This can be useful when you want to reward a top performer or induct a new team member by booking more or fewer meetings with the person. This provides more flexibility rather than just having the option of even distribution (Round Robin) that was previously only available.
(Available from Sales and Service Hub Pro+)

Update 7: Manage your goals in a new environment

Update_goals_overviewThe environment to manage your goals/targets has been updated with a number of new features. With this upgrade, you can manage and measure your goals even more effectively. You can make your progress visual and much more SMART. You can also see the results in the targets you set in separate reports and dashboards, and you can keep your colleagues even better informed.
(Available from Sales Hub starter+)

Want to learn more about using these updates or have another HubSpot question? Contact us and we'll help you as soon as possible!