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Background information


Workspace365 strives to simplify digital work. Not only do they do this by developing the best adaptive workspace, they embrace simplicity in everything they do. From the way they collaborate with each other, customers and partners to the services they offer, everything can be traced back to their core value of simplicity.


De question


The website no longer matched their proposition, values and goals. With a new product to launch and updated value proposition, the time was ripe for a complete overhaul of the website.

The new website is end-user focused, with the main goals being to inform, reach and educate. Optimized to generate leads, the website serves as a cornerstone of Workspace365's Inbound Marketing strategy.


Flexible modules

The website is built with flexible modules. This means that these modules can be used on multiple pages with multiple design settings. This makes the structure of the website efficient and flexible and future-proof.

Pleasant collaboration. Every individual within Bright Digital is motivated to make a success of the project and help. Shifts gears as needed within the project; including bringing in other specialists or adjusting the project schedule.

R. Hollanders Workspace365


Approach for optimal results

A website project at Bright Digital follows a fixed, balanced step-by-step plan. During the project, the entire team remains connected under the direction of a project manager so that we achieve the agreed goals within scope and budget.

1. Requirements workshop

At the kick-off with a multidisciplinary client team, we take note of the strategy, positioning, personas, new requirements and current barriers. During the brainstorm, we outline the contours of the online strategy and determine the objectives, scope, schedule and budget.

2. Wireframes

With the appropriate goals and requirements from the workshop in mind, a conceptual representation of the sitemap and associated website templates are created using FlowMapp.

With the desired goals, present and future content and budget in mind, the pages are worked out in wireframes. These are then discussed in detail.

Focus here on content, page goals, call-to-actions, content and website structure.

3. Design
After agreement on the wireframes, the design is developed that fits within the supplied or renewed brand guide. By delving deeper into the personas and listening to the client's wishes, we arrive at the right look and form language. This way the design breathes 100% your DNA.
4. Development

Our developers develop the modules and pages so that they are exactly the same as the designs created. In addition to developing pages, templates and modules, this phase also includes creating links and integrations. Once everything is in place, it is extensively tested and reviewed before moving on to the final testing phase.

5. Fill & testing

Meanwhile, the website has been developed and is in the completion phase.

The remaining pages are created and filled. Any points of improvement found during filling and testing are resolved and we set everything up for going live.

Based on the request and requirements, when going live, DNS changes are passed on, SEO plans are implemented and external tools such as Google Tag Manager are set up, among other things.

6. Go live & grow

Everything settled? Then we flip the switch and the new website can start doing its job.
Ready for growth!

Bright Digital also offers ongoing support and optimization after going live. In a monthly retainer, we optimize the website based on insights from data. By means of Growth Driven Design, the website is continued and supplemented.

"A nice challenge to bring the different shape and color combinations to life in the website and the different pages that work with hubDB and search functionality!"
Bart, developer Bright Digital

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