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Bronkhorst Buitenleven

Bronkhorst Buitenleven specializes in crafting custom luxury outdoor accommodations for high-end consumers in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Their focus lies on craftsmanship, tailor-made solutions, and exceptional quality. From design to completion, Bronkhorst Buitenleven provides a seamless customer experience and consistently receives high levels of customer satisfaction. Through a well-thought-out marketing strategy, the company has experienced significant growth over the past decade.

Client challenge

Bronkhorst Buitenleven aims to translate its refined positioning into a new website on the HubSpot CMS. The primary goal is to generate hundreds of SQLs without compromising the brand's exclusive appeal. A secondary objective is to track customer online behavior through integration with the HubSpot CRM system.

Website process

A website project at Bright Digital follows a structured, well-balanced process. Throughout the project, the entire team stays connected under the guidance of a project manager, ensuring that we achieve the agreed-upon goals within scope and budget.

A solid foundation

1. Requirements workshop

At the kick-off meeting with a multidisciplinary client team, we gather insights into the strategy, positioning, personas, new requirements, and existing challenges. During the brainstorming session, we outline the contours of the online strategy and define the objectives, scope, timeline, and budget.


2. Wireframes

With the desired goals, existing and future content, and the budget in mind, pages are developed into wireframes. How do we distinguish between the 8 types of products and the 2 collections? How do we ensure the website remains user-friendly as more products and collections are added? How do we make it as easy as possible for website visitors to navigate the site?


"The wireframes serve as the blueprint for your website. At this stage, we don't get distracted by design. It involves focusing on the right message, page structure, modules, functionalities, visitor flow, CTAs, and desired content, among other aspects."

Diana, Team Lead UX/UI

DNA and corporate identity

3. Website design

After approval of the wireframes, the design process begins. We closely adhere to the guidelines in the brand guide and incorporate Bronkhorst Buitenleven's new collection of images. By incorporating a lot of visual and video content, the website comes to life, allowing visitors to truly experience the lifestyle. Time, attention, and freedom are central to Bronkhorst Buitenleven's mission, and consequently, they are reflected in the website.

Flexible modules

The website is built using flexible modules, meaning these modules can be used across multiple pages with various design settings. This makes the website structure efficient, flexible, and future-proof.

To Life

4. Development

Bright Digital's developers have crafted the modules to perfectly match the design, ensuring all functionalities work seamlessly. Simultaneously, at Bronkhorst Buitenleven, various teams have begun crafting content based on their individual expertise.

Teun, Lead Developer

"After receiving the final design, transforming it into a pixel-perfect website is always an enjoyable task. This phase is where the design truly comes to life."

Teun, Lead Developer

Ready, set, go

5. Go-live

In preparation for the launch, extensive testing was conducted. Subsequently, Bright Digital implemented the DNS changes. A meticulous SEO plan was devised to ensure seamless redirects, preserving all blog posts. Google Tag Manager was also adjusted.

All set? Then we flip the switch, and the new website can start doing its job.
Ready for growth!


The client received a pixel-perfect website that aligns precisely with the goals set during the kick-off, meeting their satisfaction. After a slight dip following the launch, the website is now exceptionally findable, even surpassing the previous level. User interaction is pleasant, with visitors navigating smoothly, a fact reflected in the conversion rates. In our ongoing monthly retainer, we continue to optimize the website based on insights derived from data.


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