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HubSpot marketeer achter beeldscherm

You need data and results to know when to change course. HubSpot gives you the insights you need to act quickly and make the most of any opportunities that come your way.

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HubSpot marketeer achter beeldscherm

Insight is key

HubSpot is going to change your organisation for the better. But how do you make sure your stakeholders see their way clearly through all that growth? What's going to plan? And how do you find out what needs a little extra effort? In other words: where do you find the dashboards that show you how your business is doing at a glance?


Continuous improvement and data-driven management

To achieve structural growth, you need the right management information: you can only make optimal use of your time and energy once you know exactly where your opportunities lie. Optimisation is key, but you'll only reap the benefits if you know where to focus your efforts: measure, know, improve.

Insight into figures
Accurate management information
Structural growth
Inzichten met HubSpot reporting

Unlock the black box

HubSpot offers a wide range of standard dashboards that are perfectly useful in themselves. Even so, boardrooms often demand insight that goes much deeper than these general overviews. You will therefore want to be able to show reports that are relevant and specific to your business — and you can now do so with dashboards tailored to your needs. 


Bright makes data tangible

With your HubSpot database as the starting point, we visualise the areas where you want to gain insight, regardless of how many parameters it takes and which disciplines are involved. Want to know how many orders you have missed out on, broken down into different currencies? Eager to see how your current campaign is hitting home with a specific age group among your returning customers? Our specialists can visualise it for you.

We help businesses grow the smart way using HubSpot

As your full-service partner, we're always happy to help you explore the objectives of your business, all the way from strategy to implementation. We take a close look at your tech stack, optimise your commercial processes and deliver an excellent customer experience across all touchpoints on the journey.

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Wouter van den Eerenbeemt, Consultant at Visma Circle

Valuable support for content and campaigns

"By organising our marketing in a smarter way, we've not only gained more insight into our results, but we're now able to constantly improve our relevant lead campaigns, too. That way, we know what we're getting in return for our efforts, and we're achieving even more success with our products and services. Since we've started using Marketing Hub and marketing automation, we're working smarter and more efficiently every day!"


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