HubSpot CRM Cards


HubSpot CRM cards are the perfect solution when you want to show data from an external platform for a contact, company or deal without storing that data in the HubSpot CRM. On top of that, HubSpot CRM cards also enable you to perform actions in an external system directly from the HubSpot interface.

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Instantly display data in HubSpot using CRM cards

A HubSpot CRM card enables you to directly display data from an external platform in HubSpot. This gives you instant insight into all relevant information relating to a contact, company, deal or one of the other objects in HubSpot. What’s more, a CRM card also allows you to perform certain actions, such as sending a text message, drawing up an invoice, creating a support ticket and so on.

All data instantly visible

Custom CRM cards

Using a CRM card, you can load data from another platform and display it in HubSpot. 
Let's say you're working with one or more other systems alongside HubSpot. These systems all contain information that is relevant to the contacts or companies in your HubSpot CRM, but you prefer not to store this data in the CRM. Using a CRM card, it's possible to retrieve this data via the API before displaying it alongside the correct contact or company. Alternatively, we can generate an iFrame, which gives you direct access to the right page in your external application, so you can see all the data you need at a glance, all directly from your HubSpot portal.


Perform actions directly from HubSpot

There's nothing more annoying than having to open a second tab and search for the data you need before being able to edit it or carry out an action. Using HubSpot CRM cards, you can communicate directly with your external platform, and we can develop functions that enable you to do everything you need in an instant, without having to leave HubSpot. Want to send a text message to a contact who has just filled in a form? Or send an invoice for a deal you've just won? With a custom CRM card, we can make it happen!


All data instantly displayed in HubSpot using CRM cards

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