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Custom quote templates

Custom quote templates


One of the greatest sales functions in HubSpot is the option to send a quote directly from the platform to a prospect or customer. Even so, the templates for your quote might not completely suit your needs. If that's the case, a custom quote template is the perfect solution.

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Get the most out of your HubSpot quotes

Adapting HubSpot quotes to match your own corporate style couldn't be easier. Updating your logo, the colours and the font can all be done in an instant. But sometimes, this still won't do, and you're left longing for the sleek design you're using on your website, or you're missing that little bit of content or data that is absolutely crucial to your customers. With a custom quote template, it's easy to show extra information, lift your design to the next level or format data to make it much easier to read for your recipients.


Custom quote templates

In a custom quote template, we can use all of the standard modules available in HubSpot, but we've also got the option to add custom modules. That way, we can create truly unique quotes. What’s more, we can also format data, move away from the standard labels used by HubSpot or generate new data based on a deal or line items.

To put it briefly, with a custom quote template, you can show the information you want to show, exactly as you want it.


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As your full-service partner, we're always happy to help you explore the objectives of your business, all the way from strategy to implementation. We take a close look at your tech stack, optimise your commercial processes and deliver an excellent customer experience across all touchpoints on the journey.

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Bradley Zandstra, Senior Marketer at CaseWare

Full inbound service concept

"Following a meticulous selection process, we decided to go with Bright. The know-how and experience of the team, their full inbound service concept, creativity and retainer approach all strongly appealed to us. Together with Bright's multidisciplinary team, we've designed and developed a new website."


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