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Programmable email

HubSpot programmable email


HubSpot's programmable email enables you to get the most out of your marketing emails. Using coded logic, we're able to display only the exact content your contacts are expecting at that time.

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Programmable email

In the summer of 2021, HubSpot launched its programmable email beta. This beta enables us to develop custom modules for emails using complex logic. On top of that, we can also retrieve CRM, CMS and HubDB data and display it in a HubSpot email. That way, you can rest assured you're always sending the right information to the right person at the right time.

Programmable email

Complex logic

Using code combined with the information we already hold on a contact, we can display bespoke content in all emails sent through HubSpot.

If a visitor has previously told you on a form that they are interested in content or a product in a specific category, we can use a custom module to retrieve and display the exact information to match the interests of your HubSpot contacts. 

That way, there's no longer any need to send multiple marketing emails based on segmented lists; instead, you can just send a single email, the content of which is tailored to the recipient.

Programmable email

All types of data available

Whether you're looking to show data from your CRM, CMS or HubDB in your email, it's all possible using programmable email. 

Want to send information to a contact about a deal or another associated object? With a custom module, it's easy to retrieve that information and display it exactly as you envisaged. Examples include related products based on the interests of your contact, or a great-looking table with the line items from a deal.

CMS data is also available in these modules. That way, you can easily send out the latest blog posts from the last 30 days, or retrieve information from HubDB and filter it based on a contact property to only show relevant content in your email.


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