Last updated: 13/5/2024
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Boost your content strategy with HubSpot's new Content Hub

Pepijn Bourgonje

You may have heard it, but in the last 4 months of 2024, HubSpot has made some very significant, perhaps even groundbreaking, updates to its platform. We'll take you through a quick timeline, hold on to your seat belt!

  1. In January, HubSpot launched a new Help Desk Workspace as part of the updated Service Hub.
  2. The Commerce Hub has been available in the EU since February
  3. In March, HubSpot announced a major change to its pricing model and
  4. From April, the CMS Hub has been further developed into a Content Hub

We can imagine that you are having a hard time keeping up with all these important updates. That is why we will update you in the coming weeks on what all these changes mean for you, but more importantly: We will tell you how you can optimally benefit from all these changes!

From CMS Hub to Content Hub

In case you missed it: In our previous blog we already told you about HubSpot's new pricing model. Today we zoom in on one of the last major updates that HubSpot has implemented, namely the launch of a new Hub: the Content Hub. Well, it's not entirely new, because the Content Hub is actually a relaunch of the old CMS Hub, the place where until recently you could find all the CMS functionalities you need for a well-functioning website.

Today, the Content Hub is an all-in-one, AI-driven content marketing environment. This Hub will help you as a marketer enormously in creating and managing your content. It is a very welcome Hub (if we say so ourselves), because content has become an important part of the marketing strategy for every marketing department. And besides, content creation has increased rapidly in recent years. Just think of all the new forms of content that your marketing department has to work with, such as creating Podcasts, on-demand video and social media content. Are you all still keeping track?

There's a good chance not. And fortunately HubSpot also noticed that. That is why it is great news for many marketing departments that HubSpot will help create all this beautiful content with this new Content Hub.

What will the Content Hub bring us?

Nice story, but what does the Content Hub really bring us? The Content Hub is a colorful collection of a number of CMS Hub features, Marketing Hub features and a number of newly developed features that are collected in one environment.

If we compare the Content Hub with the Marketing Hub, we see that there are clear differences in functionalities, but also that there are a number of shared functionalities between the two Hubs. The distribution below only applies to new HubSpot users who purchased the specific Hubs after April 3.

Partitioning for new HubSpot users

Then to the new functionalities. You cannot avoid it, but AI (artificial intelligence) predominates in this new Hub. But… Perhaps for many this is precisely the gateway they needed to really get started with AI. Because HubSpot makes it very easy for you! We list a number of AI functionalities in this new Hub. And don't be afraid. We will explain all the features later in the blog. The new functionalities: blog post generator, AI image generator, AI website generator, AI content translations, content remix and blog post narration.

AI? Is that all?

No, although all the new AI functionalities are very interesting, you can also do a number of other very interesting new things with the new Content Hub. Although they may not tell you anything now (will come later), you can get started in the new Hub with: Content library, Podcast hosting, Memberships and Gated blogs. And these features are certainly worth exploring further.

In short, compared to CMS Hub, the Content Hub is a complete tool that better enables modern marketers to create and manage content. And all this with the latest functionalities available in the marketing tech landscape.

An explanation of all the new features in Content Hub

1. AI blog post generator

Writing blogs is a time-consuming activity. The topic must be determined, an outline must be written, interviews must be conducted and the blog must be written. With the AI ​​blog post generator you can quickly go through the above steps, while the AI ​​blog post generator also takes into account the keywords you target. In short, a great tool to speed up your process and relieve the pressure on your marketing department.

2. AI image generator

Images have a major influence on people's clicking behavior, but creating good images requires the necessary expertise and time from marketers. With HubSpot's AI image generator you can effortlessly create royalty-free images that match your blog post, landing page, marketing emails and social posts.

3. Post narration

The post narration function makes it possible to convert your blog posts into another content form, namely an audio file, at the touch of a button. This way you respond a little further to the possible needs of your target group to consume your content in a different way. When creating these audio versions, you can adjust the tone and voice to your own liking by selecting different voices.

4. AI translations

Many marketing processes are slowed down by the intervention of a translation agency. With HubSpot's Content Hub, this is a thing of the past. The Hub makes it possible to easily translate blogs, pages or other content into another language. This way you can convert your article to Spanish with just a few clicks. Tapping into new markets is within reach!

5. Brand voice

Your brand voice is an important part of your brand identity. When multiple colleagues create content, it can be quite a challenge to align all content. From now on, you can upload your brand voice and have it analyzed by HubSpot, so that your (AI-generated) content immediately gets the desired tone of voice. The use of a consistent brand voice contributes positively to the recognisability and trust in your brand.

6. Content remix

Suppose you have written a nice blog but still need to boost it through social media. This also includes a landing page. And therefore also an ad campaign. With Content Remix, HubSpot has developed a functionality that allows you to easily process any piece of content into a social media post, an ad, landing page or even an image or audio snippet. From now on you will be able to quickly and easily remix your content for different platforms!

7. Podcast hosting

Research shows that 48% of Dutch people sometimes listen to a podcast. That's about 7 million people! How great would it be if consuming your content could be combined with another task, such as driving a car.

With the Content Hub you can effortlessly generate a podcast based on written content you have previously created. The podcast module allows you to easily manage, edit, share podcast episodes, and even integrate them into your HubSpot pages.

8. Content library

With the content library from Content Hub you can offer specific content to people who are either already customers or have already shared data at an earlier stage, giving them access to your exclusive content. This means that these people receive an exclusive login to access digital content pieces such as audio files, video files, PDFs and more.

9. Content embeds

Every marketer uses content, but not every marketer uses a HubSpot website. That is why Content Hub has a Content Embed functionality. This allows you to easily create content blocks for your WordPress website in HubSpot and then add them to your WordPress editor. This also allows you to display personalized content, with data from HubSpot's SmartCRM, while using a WordPress website.

10. Memberships & gated content

Use member blogs to attract high-quality leads by offering exclusive blogs and other premium content. The use of such a membership construction also ensures that AI scrapers do not steal your premium content, meaning that the content you write is really only accessible to the leads who gain access through a membership.

With these memberships you encourage unknown website visitors to share data via a form, so that you can offer them a personalized content experience in the future. This includes custom portals, event platforms and other customized content experiences.

What new features will you see with the  “legacy” CMS Hub?

Do you have the old CMS Hub and no Content Hub yet? Below is an overview of all the new features that you can also access. And an overview that you cannot access without switching.


Price and packages

The Content Hub is available in the well-known starter, professionals and enterprise packs that you are used to from HubSpot. As an organization, you can choose the package that best suits your marketing goals. See the Content Hub prices below.

Hubspot-Content Hub-Pricing

In addition to the above packages, HubSpot offers the Marketing+ Bundle. This bundle consists of a total solution that brings together the power of content marketing with lead generation and marketing automation tools that you know from HubSpot.

Below you will find an overview of the prices of Marketing+ Bundle:


Would you like to know more about the application of the Content Hub or do you have another HubSpot question? Please contact us and we will help you as soon as possible!