Last updated: 13/5/2024
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The most important HubSpot updates of April 2024

Robert-Jan Budding

HubSpot is constantly evolving. Every day the company releases major and minor updates to improve the platform. These new HubSpot features are based on valuable customer feedback and are designed to make user experience even easier and better. Every month, Bright brings you up to date on the latest HubSpot updates. Here are the most important updates of the month of April!

Update 1: HubSpot launches Content Hub!

HubSpot Content HubToday we zoom in on one of the last major updates that HubSpot has implemented: the launch of the Content Hub. The Content Hub is an all-in-one, AI-driven content marketing environment. This Hub will help you as a marketer enormously in creating and managing your content. Would you like to know more about this new Hub? Then read this article!

Update 2: New property type: Sync property

Property sync - HubSpot update(1)

Sync properties are a new type of property that copies entered values from one object to another. For example, if you want to show the number of employees at contact level simply sync the company property to contacts. This feature eliminates the need for manual entry or workflows to keep two properties in sync across objects.
(Available in Public Beta from Marketing-, Content-, Service-, Sales-, and Opps Hub Pro)

Update 3: AI Chatbot for Live Chat

AI chatbot - HubSpot update-1We are excited to see that HubSpot introduces an AI Chatbot for Live Chat. This feature is designed to provide your website with a seamless chat experience powered by your website pages and knowledge base articles. No longer will you need to dedicate hours to crafting and refining rule-based bots.(Available for Service Starter+ tiers with content in English)

Update 4: AI assistant to build workflow actions

AI workflow actions - HubSpot updateHow easy would it be to provide a description to HubSpot for your workflow action, for example: "Wait 7 days, then send the "Welcome" email to the customer. Then, send a Slack notification to the account manager." With AI Assistant in workflows, HubSpot brings even more time-savings and efficiency to the automation capabilities on the platform.
(Available in Marketing-, Operations-, Sales- en Service Hub Pro+)

Update 5: All-New Customer Success Workspace

Customer success workspace - HubSpot updateHubSpot has designed a brand new dedicated workspace to help your Customer Success Managers increase revenue and retention. This workspace reminds CSM's of their daily tasks, allows them to create custom views, and helps them to monitor the activity of their most important accounts. 
(Available in Service Hub Pro en Enterprise)

Techtip van Ruben: Blog Post Narration for your blog content

Ruben-video-omslag-1200x675Introducing blog post narration for your blog content! This feature converts blog post content into engaging text-to-speech audio through an embedded module. You can also choose from a variety of voices for your audio content.
(Available from Marketing Hub Pro and Content Hub)

Listen to the audio fragment 'Nova' from this blog here:

HubSpot updates April 2024


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