Last updated: 13/3/2024
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The most important HubSpot updates of January 2024

Robert-Jan Budding

HubSpot releases major and minor updates on a daily basis. In this overview you can read some interesting updates for the month of January.

Update 1: Stricter requirements for email authentication

Bright-ModGr-2150x1720-Elles-Richard-1Starting in February 2024, Google and Yahoo will require DMARC, DKIM and SPF for all bulk e-mail. In the future, any bulk e-mail that does not have all three authentication measures will be blocked or sent to spam. But there will also be other stricter requirements on so-called bulk email senders.

For example, an Unsubscribe button will be added to the top of your newsletter by default (see image below), and also the 1:1 emails you send from HubSpot must include an unsubscribe link.

So it's important to have your HubSpot portal in order so that you minimize bounce, spam and unsubscribes. With about four steps, you can check and change your settings. How, you can read in the blog we wrote for this purpose.

Update 2: Changing the text of your HubSpot Meeting email reminders


Until recently, you depended on the default text HubSpot provided for automatic reminders on appointments scheduled with HubSpot Meetings. And that text wasn't always on-brand.

That's a thing of the past. You can now customize the email HubSpot sends to your liking, including the ability to add personalization tokens here.
In this video , Ruben tells you more about it.

Update 3: Receive notes on duplicates

0d97d13c-4d3d-4c0c-9cb4-b0c211874328You can now sign up for the Beta to receive notifications when there are duplicate spikes. It is then configurable to be notified when a set number of duplicates (for both contacts and/or companies) you set have come in. A good step to keep your data quality in order. This update is available for Operations Hub Professional and Enterprise.

Update 4: Adjust the default deal name.

1a54dbca-6bb4-42da-a90f-52b67e9748deCurrently, the default deal name always adds "-New Deal" after the company or contact name. With the new update, you can adjust this default deal name for deals created from existing contact and company records. This will save you time and ensure that deal names are always set correctly at the time of creation.

Update 5: Post LinkedIn documents & polls

2024-01-29 14_00_15-Social - HubSpotYou can now publish and report on LinkedIn Documents (PDF) and LinkedIn Polls directly from HubSpot. This will make your content richer and increase engagement on your posts.

Documents you can add today, this feature is live immediately. Polls is in Beta, so you need to activate it first. This update is available for Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise.