Last updated: 13/3/2024
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The most important HubSpot updates of February 2024

Robert-Jan Budding

HubSpot is constantly evolving. Every day the company releases major and minor updates to improve the platform. These new HubSpot features are based on valuable customer feedback and are designed to make user experience even easier and better. Every month, Bright brings you up to date on the latest HubSpot updates. Here are the most important updates of the month of February!

Update 1: A brand new Help Desk Workspace

help_desk_workspaceAfter quite a few HubSpot customers pointed out that it was inefficient to have two support environments for tickets, inbox and conversations, HubSpot has built a brand new help desk workspace. In this environment, you can manage both your inbox and tickets. With tools like omnichannel messaging, a 360-degree customer view (through CRM) and a growing list of AI features, the new Workspace includes everything your team needs to provide optimal customer service.
(Available in Beta for Service Hub Professional and Enterprise)

Update 2: Commerce Hub will be available for use in the EU from February


As of February 2024, Commerce Hub will be available for use in Europe (and the Netherlands). The Commerce Hub makes it easier for your business to manage your customers and create invoices and payment links within HubSpot. In addition, you can also offer recurring payments to get paid faster. You can use the Commerce Hub with existing payment and accounting programs such as Stripe and QuickBooks. Want to learn more about the Commerce Hub? Schedule a call with one of our colleagues!

Update 3: LinkedIn Audience Targeting

LinkedIn_target_audienceFor several months now, you've been able to target LinkedIn contributions to specific user groups. Posts can be targeted based on your followers' profile information, such as organization size, industry, job title, seniority, geography and language preference. These messages are actively displayed only to members who fit within the target criteria.
(Available for Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise)

Update 4: Workflow 'Enrollment' diagnosis

workflow diagnosis-1Do you sometimes not know exactly why a workflow is or is not triggered? This new update allows you to accurately investigate and analyze this. It allows you to easily identify problems with your workflow and work on a solution.
(Available for Marketing, Operations, Sales and Servcie Hub Professional and Enterprise)

Update 5: New 'source-property' on all CRM records.

source_propertyAll records now have a new 'source-property' that describes how the record was created. This property can be used anywhere in HubSpot, from filtering data to creating reports. The property is immediately visible in the left sidebar, if still set to 'default'.
(Available for all licenses)