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Custom modules & templates

Custom modules and templates

Modules en templates op maat

Sometimes, standard solutions just fall short, and you need a bespoke option that aligns with your specific wishes and needs to offer the optimal user experience you're going for. Here at Bright, we're happy to help you find that solution!

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Modules en templates op maat

Specific requirements

Don't get us wrong: HubSpot is an extremely comprehensive tool with lots of standard modules that will prove extremely useful. Even so, every now and then, you may find yourself searching for a function that simply doesn't exist yet. This could be a module in your specific corporate style, for example, or an overview with the option to filter by your products or services.


Bespoke configuration

With the right people tweaking the buttons, you can set up HubSpot exactly as you want it in no time. The modules and templates that form the core of your page can be built to perfectly suit the needs of your organisation. That way, we're getting pretty close to a configuration tailored to your HubSpot environment.

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Work efficiently using page templates

A HubSpot template is a structured, optimised blueprint for a page that contains all the modules you need for that type of page. Take a job vacancy page, for example: the template for this might come with an introduction, an employee video and an application form as standard. With a HubSpot template, you can rest assured that each job vacancy page has the exact same layout, with the exact same white space, for example. Exactly what you need!

Customise HubSpot to suit you

Bright only uses custom modules, and all our page templates are customised, too. What that means is that our developers sit down with your team to explore what you need, before translating that into HubSpot. Using our in-house development methods, we customise every aspect of HubSpot to suit you. The latest techniques are implemented straightaway to deliver optimal user experience and performance.

We help businesses grow the smart way using HubSpot

As your full-service partner, we're always happy to help you explore the objectives of your business, all the way from strategy to implementation. We take a close look at your tech stack, optimise your commercial processes and deliver an excellent customer experience across all touchpoints on the journey.

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"Bright's experience and expertise, both in practice and with HubSpot implementations, enabled them to analyse every aspect of our business really quickly, so they could start offering practical tips to achieve successful implementation."


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