HubSpot programmable automation


HubSpot's workflows and chatflows offer endless opportunities to automate your marketing, sales and customer service tasks. But, just like with any tool, there are limits to what you can do. Operations Hub Coded Actions allow you to circumvent these limitations with the help of a developer.

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Programmable automation with coded actions in a workflow or chatflow

Operations Hub Professional instantly gives you access to a tool that can overcome many of the limitations of workflows and chatflows. That's because this package includes a new 'action' called a 'coded action', as part of the programmable automation function. Using these coded actions, developers can write strings of code that can be performed as part of your workflow or chatflow. We can use this code to format data, make associations, invoke external APIs before storing the data in the CRM, and much more. HubSpot offers an extremely comprehensive API, which makes it fairly easy for developers to make changes to the CRM that simply wouldn't be possible using standard actions.

HubSpot has drawn up a list with a handful of examples, but that only shows a fraction of what's possible.

Overcome any limitations

Coded actions

A huge number of different actions are already available for workflows and chatflows, allowing you to send an email, edit and store data, create internal notifications and tasks, and much more. That said, you might still find yourself in a situation every now and then where you want to achieve something, but doing so seems unnecessarily complex or simply impossible: making complex changes to an associated object, or showing CRM data in a chatbot, for instance

Alternatively, you might feel like you're carrying out the same tasks over and over again every day, leaving you wondering whether there's an easier way.

If so, a coded action is the solution you need. 

Exchange external data

Invoking external APIs

Aside from complex changes within the CRM, coded actions also make it possible to load data from an external system. A tool such as Company Info is perfect to enhance your business information, for example, or NeverBounce can help you verify email addresses. The fact that the API is invoked through a workflow also gives you complete control over the moment at which the relevant information is retrieved.

Of course, things can also go the other way. If you're using another system alongside HubSpot, being able to send small bits of information as soon as they become relevant can be very handy. You may wish to create a quote in an external system as soon as you've won a deal, for example. If you're looking to exchange lots of data between two systems on a constant basis, an integration might be a better option.


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