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Service Hub: turn your customers into fans

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Your relationship with your customers doesn't end once you've sealed the deal — far from it. HubSpot Service Hub offers all the tools you need to optimise your customer experience. Success guaranteed!

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Een uitmuntende customer service met HubSpot Service Hub diamond-badge-white
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Your customers expect more

Customers expect so much more than simply a good product or service. They want to know they can count on you at any time of day and night. They want personal service, within a few minutes, via any channel of their choice. This can often leave customer service teams feeling a little overwhelmed, especially when they're getting their information from several tools and sources that don't 'talk' to one another properly.

Allow customer relationships to flourish

Service Hub brings all your customer service data and channels together on a single CRM platform. This makes it much easier to onboard and support customers efficiently, maintain your relationships and allow them to flourish. The result: more satisfied customers at every stage of their customer journey.

Create an unforgettable customer experience

HubSpot Sales Hub is a customer service software package that helps you:

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All the tools you need to make your customers happy

Seamless onboarding

Improve mutual cooperation by bringing your teams and channels together.

Popular features:

  • 1:1 video messaging
  • Shared inboxes
  • Team management

Flexible support

Increase the capacity of your customer support team (customer service, customer happiness) through automation and self-service.

Popular features:

  • Helpdesk and ticketing
  • HubSpot CRM platform
  • Knowledge base
  • Live chat
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Automated customer service processes

Build deeper customer relationships

Identify and utilise opportunities to keep improving your customer experience.

Popular features:

  • Conversation intelligence
  • Customer feedback surveys

What is it you're looking for?

Successful onboarding, training, migration or continued development tailored to your needs: we're here to help you, whether you're just considering HubSpot for your business or have been using it for a while. With our know-how and experience, you can get the most out of your HubSpot licence. Ready, set, grow!


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Continued development

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We help businesses grow the smart way using HubSpot

As your full-service partner, we're always happy to help you explore the objectives of your business, all the way from strategy to implementation. We take a close look at your tech stack, optimise your commercial processes and deliver an excellent customer experience across all touchpoints on the journey.

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Hendrik Jan Hofstede, Partner at Sterc.

An element of our digital strategy

"Over the past few years, Sterc has helped countless clients implement HubSpot at their businesses. Now, the time had come to implement HubSpot across the full scope of our own agency. We use it for CRM, marketing, sales and service. We're not just extremely satisfied with the software, but also with the way our partner, Bright [Seefore], supervised the implementation process at Sterc."