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Enhanced marketing strategy leveraging HubSpot for exponential digital growth


Caseware Nederland is a renowned local player with a global reputation

The accountants and developers at Caseware provide software solutions for the financial services industry, accounting firms, and businesses. With their robust software platform, Caseware has emerged as one of the most prominent and largest players in their field.

The challenge

Experiencing rapid growth is fantastic, but how can you keep up with the ever-changing market and ensure your processes are on point? How do you unlock the secrets to a successful marketing ROI and establish a seamless collaboration between your marketing and sales teams? It's high time for a cutting-edge digital strategy that is not only relevant but also future-proof.

  • Expert advice and implementation of a digital marketing strategy
  • A fresh new website built on the HubSpot CMS
  • Seamless onboarding of the Marketing Hub
  • Comprehensive and ongoing marketing and sales support

"The comprehensive approach in collaboration is yielding positive results. Once again, we see that achieving ambitious growth goals is not possible without a solid marketing plan. By consistently steering towards results and strategically implementing targeted campaigns together, I have noticed that we can truly collaborate successfully and achieve our objectives."

Vincent, Marketing Consultant



Bright empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their marketing efforts, utilizing our proven success formula.


Caseware was already convinced of the power of HubSpot. The next logical step was to fully leverage the different Hubs. The Marketing Hub and CMS Hub were successfully implemented and are now fully utilized. Marketing is made easier, faster, and automated from one system that centralizes all customer data and behavior.

In addition, Caseware employees now experience the benefits of clear insights through dashboarding, allowing them to continuously monitor and have control over the performance of the website and other marketing activities.

What's even more exciting is that by making the right connections, Caseware gains a full-funnel insight into campaigns, enabling them to precisely measure the impact of their efforts and systematically enhance the customer journey.


HubSpot website

An enhanced strategy calls for a new website featuring relevant content for the target audiences. Gaining a deeper understanding of visitor behavior and following up on it is crucial.

This approach caters to the information needs of our audience and focuses on generating interest in Caseware.

The website fulfills this need and generates valuable leads, which are then nurtured into SQL based on their lifecycle stages.


Digital marketing & sales

Caseware and Bright frequently collaborate across multiple areas of expertise, joining forces to strategically align our efforts with our quarterly business objectives.

With regular weekly and monthly progress meetings, we maintain close engagement and strive for optimal success.


"We quickly realized that we could get more out of our marketing efforts and HubSpot. Based on a refined strategy, we are systematically working towards achieving our goals. Bright has a strong focus on the bigger picture, delivering results, efficient processes, and campaigns that prioritize conversion. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the collaboration. It's structured, transparent, and pleasant!"

Bradley Zandstra, Marketing manager at Caseware Nederland


Caseware has seen a remarkable surge in lead generation ever since implementing a robust inbound marketing strategy. Month after month, they are consistently generating hundreds of highly relevant leads! Moreover, their conversion rate has witnessed a significant improvement while the acquisition costs per campaign have been greatly reduced. This is undeniably a win-win situation!

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