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Achieving significant growth in the wellness industry

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Welson, the specialist in delivering high-end wellness solutions

Welson (formerly Bodyfit Wellness) has been a specialist for 18 years in creating high-end wellness solutions such as built-in pools, saunas, steam rooms, and spas. Welson focuses directly on the luxury segment of the consumer market but also collaborates closely with architects and designers. After an acquisition and rebranding in 2020, the company aims to accelerate its growth.


Welson's growth had hit a roadblock while the private pool market was thriving. While competitors were making the most of this growth, Welson struggled to keep up. Seeking a solution, Welson turned to Bright Digital for guidance in achieving their growth goals. They were in search of a digital agency that could handle all aspects of their marketing, from strategy to execution. Welson's requirements included:

  • Implementation of the HubSpot CRM system and HubSpot Marketing Hub
  • Consultation and development of strategy and rebranding
  • Website development based on the HubSpot CMS
  • Ongoing management of digital marketing efforts

The approach

Bright Digital assists companies in maximizing their marketing potential by applying our proven formula for success.

HubSpot consultancy

Welson's previous CRM package within the ERP system was limited and ineffective for conducting follow-ups on leads. Additionally, a variety of standalone software solutions, such as Excel, Outsmart, and MailChimp, were being utilized, resulting in incomplete business information and hindering efficient operations. However, by choosing the HubSpot CRM platform, Welson can now provide customers and potential clients with an optimal and seamless customer experience, spanning from lead generation and order placement to post-purchase service. With the implementation of the right workflows, Welson is now able to efficiently process thousands of leads on an annual basis.


HubSpot website

The previous WordPress site has been transformed using the powerful HubSpot CMS. This exciting change allows for immediate visibility of visitor behavior within the CRM system. Moreover, Welson can now provide its visitors with dynamic content tailored to their search for a pool, sauna, or spa. The primary objective of the website is to generate Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) for the dedicated sales department. Additionally, it aims to deliver a seamless experience that aligns with the brand's new positioning and persuades visitors to schedule appointments or request quotes.


Marketing services

Bright Digital handles all digital marketing services for Welson, from online campaigns to email marketing and social media management. A diverse and collaborative team of experts continuously fine-tunes their strategies on a weekly basis to successfully reach and surpass the predetermined objectives.

Marcel Veeneman, Algemeen Directeur Welson

"With the integration of HubSpot, our marketing and sales processes are now seamlessly automated, allowing our team members to take on more tasks independently. This empowers us to effectively manage our customer experience and achieve outstanding results by gaining a deeper understanding of our marketing and sales funnel. Bright has been our trusted marketing and knowledge partner for several years, consistently providing excellent support in this aspect."

Marcel Veeneman, General manager at Welson


Welson has significantly increased its website traffic conversion by 35%, while drastically reducing the cost per order. The CRM system has effectively enhanced customer communication, providing a comprehensive 360-degree customer view for all employees. The implementation of marketing automation and lead nurturing has resulted in substantial savings in call center operations.


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