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Nextmune, a globally operating pharmaceutical company

Nextmune is an internationally operating pharmaceutical company from Sweden dedicated to improving the health of dogs, cats, and horses. Specializing in allergy and dermatology, as well as pet care and nutrition, Nextmune's product range is marketed worldwide in over 70 countries through veterinary clinics, retail stores, and online shops.


The investors behind Nextmune are determined to accelerate growth. To achieve this, the marketing team had to adopt a powerful international marketing approach that delivers results. Nextmune sought the assistance of a digital agency for various purposes, including:

  • Strategic marketing advice
  • Optimizing processes in HubSpot
  • Improving conversion on the website and webshop
  • Ongoing support for digital marketing
Bob, Growth Consultant

"Nextmune operates in the thriving market of animal welfare. The complexity, international nature, and ambitious goals make this an intriguing challenge. These broad issues align perfectly with Bright Digital's full-service approach to delivering exceptional solutions."

Bob, Growth consultant



Bright Digital helps businesses maximize their marketing efforts by applying our proven success formula.

HubSpot consultancy

Nextmune was already a user of HubSpot. The challenge was to ensure that all marketing processes in HubSpot were utilized more effectively. We trained the international teams at Nextmune based on role-based training and improved the setup of lifecycle stages. This benefits adoption and ensures knowledge remains within the organization. Additionally, we integrated webinar software with HubSpot, resulting in better outcomes through enhanced marketing automation.


HubSpot website

After conducting a brief website analysis, Bright Digital embarked on optimizing various conversion points to enhance the results. In addition, Nextmune, as a thought leader, is eager to share knowledge with veterinary clinics. To accomplish this, a range of online resources have been developed, including a blog page, registration pages for webinars, and sign-up forms for events and activities. Alongside these website optimizations, a complete redesign of the webshop has been undertaken, catering to both B2B and B2C customers.


Marketing services

To enhance the performance of HubSpot and websites, our growth marketers conducted various workshops and interviews to refine the buyer personas and map out the customer journey. Subsequently, they developed multiple campaigns to increase website traffic and improve the webshop's performance. All campaigns were seamlessly translated into the appropriate mediums and deployed across various media channels. Our growth marketers at HubSpot meticulously fine-tuned their strategies by analyzing relevant data-driven insights.

Joana Leite

"With the assistance from Bright Digital, we are able to successfully meet our ambitious growth goals. We rely on Bright Digital's expertise, as they consistently deliver and never disappoint us."

Joana Leite, Nextmune Country Manager BeNeLux, DACH, France


Nextmune utilizes Bright Digital's 'Marketing-as-a-Service' model, where a dedicated client team continuously works on various aspects, from HubSpot development to the execution of online marketing campaigns. This significantly enhances Nextmune's marketing capacity, enabling them to achieve their growth objectives more swiftly. A solid foundation has been laid prior to this, paving the way for further expansion. The mutual teams determine monthly priorities and maximize the utilization of available resources to the fullest extent possible.


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