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Mattador, exquisite doormats and custom-made carpets

Mattador is a premium online shop specializing in customized doormats and carpets for both B2C and B2B customers. Located in Genemuiden, the birthplace of the global carpet industry, Mattador was founded in 2018 by twin brothers Gooswijn and Jan Steven Visscher. Since then, it has grown into a thriving online store, offering high-quality products that are tailored to meet the unique needs of its customers.


The owners of Mattador already had an online shop for doormats. They primarily competed on price, but the potential was too limited. Mattador saw an opportunity to launch a new brand in custom-made online premium carpets, in a traditional market where sales still mainly occur through home furnishing stores. To tackle this challenge, Mattador was in search of a full-service partner for both strategy and positioning, as well as custom webshop development. Additionally, they needed to outsource all online marketing activities.

"A broad question like this one characterizes Mattador. We are given the freedom to provide advice and approach matters according to our own judgment and direction. This trust has fostered a delightful collaboration and we are willing to invest in each other."

Daan, Growth consultant



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HubSpot consultancy

During its start-up phase, Mattador did not have a CRM system in place. However, the company now works with the HubSpot platform and is highly satisfied. In addition to the basic implementation of the CRM system and the Marketing Hub, Mattador has set up useful workflows. These include features like abandoned cart and a Facebook Ads sequence. With this automation, Mattador can provide follow-ups in a streamlined manner and improve its ability to measure, report, and analyze data.

HubSpot website

Mattador approached Bright Digital to redesign their WordPress website and build it using HubSpot CMS in combination with WooCommerce. Bright Digital significantly enhanced the appearance and processes, including the order flow. Throughout the redesign, they carefully considered Cialdini's seven principles of influence, resulting in the removal of all barriers and obstacles within the ordering process.


Marketing services

Mattador has launched a powerful campaign, taking full advantage of Google Ads, Google Shopping, Display, and popular social channels including Facebook and Instagram. Our team at Bright Digital, consisting of talented online marketers, data analysts, and UX/UI designers, work closely together to achieve outstanding results. We continuously optimize the webshop and campaigns, breaking records month after month. This relentless effort has paid off, with the revenue experiencing an impressive annual growth of 20%. Additionally, the average order values have skyrocketed by an incredible 45% compared to just a few years ago.

Gooswijn Visscher

"Bright in combination with HubSpot: highly recommended!

"Our products are of high quality and we were looking for a company that could effectively market them for us. Bright helped us establish a strong position for Mattador and build a true brand. Now, we work on a monthly basis to improve our website and provide our customers with the service that aligns with a premium brand. The inbound marketing approach with the assistance of HubSpot allows us to make great strides. It provides us with better insight into what our customers need, enabling us to quickly respond to those needs."

Gooswijn Visscher, Owner of Mattador


Mattador utilizes Bright Digital's 'Marketing-as-a-Service' model, which means that the company outsources the majority of its marketing activities to Bright Digital. The partnership between Bright Digital and Mattador has been ongoing for 3 years and was recently extended to the satisfaction of both parties. There is a solid foundation in place that can be expanded into a platform within the carpet industry. Over the past years, both revenue and order values have significantly increased while maintaining gross margin. Mattador's ambition is to grow into the ultimate online brand for custom carpets and further strengthen its product portfolio. Mattador - suits your floor.


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