Webinar management in HubSpot from A to Z for CLEVR

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The challenge

Webinars have proven to be a successful method for showcasing thought leadership and generating leads for CLEVR. Naturally, organizing a webinar involves extensive preparation, setup, and assurance. Hosting five live webinars in a single month is undeniably ambitious. However, that was precisely the challenge presented to Bright Digital by CLEVR. We eagerly embraced the opportunity and got to work.

The solution

To overcome this challenge, a strategic collaboration involving design, development, and HubSpot expertise is the ideal approach. CLEVR contributes the topic, texts, and speakers, while Bright Digital crafts captivating designs for social media, email, landing pages, thank you pages, slide deck intros, and outros. Afterward, Bright Digital takes charge of video editing, allowing the webinar to be seamlessly offered 'on-demand'. All of this valuable content is seamlessly integrated into HubSpot, including the essential dashboards.

Furthermore, Bright Digital is also actively involved in setting up CLEVR's website using a dynamic Growth-Driven Design (GDD) methodology. This is where these two exciting projects intersect. To effectively showcase the webinars on the website and provide on-demand access, meticulously crafted templates have been developed and expertly deployed for the webinar overview page and the webinar detail page.

Ruben, HubSpot Consultant

"Through clear agreements, a transparent division of tasks, and deadlines, we collaborate closely with our clients."

Ruben, HubSpot Consultant


In total, we created 50 webinar designs, 2 website templates, 10 campaign pages, 2 forms, 30 emails, 20 lists, 15 workflows, and 5 webinars. CLEVR generated over 200 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) through these efforts.


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