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Transitioning from Clang to HubSpot for all email campaigns of Drukwerkdeal & Printdeal

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The challenge

One of the key communication channels utilized by Drukwerkdeal.nl is email marketing. Drukwerkdeal.nl aims to migrate all email campaigns currently running in CanopyDeploy (formerly Clang) to the HubSpot CRM system, both for Drukwerkdeal.nl and its sister company, Printdeal.be. The additional challenge lies in a migration period during which email campaigns are running simultaneously in CanopyDeploy and HubSpot. Users should not notice any changes, and the process of subscribing and unsubscribing should remain as smooth as ever.

The solution

The decision was made to smoothly transition from CanopyDeploy by transferring campaigns one by one to HubSpot, allowing them to be gradually turned off in CanopyDeploy. In order to ensure accurate opt-in management in both systems, we closely collaborated with Drukwerkdeal.nl's development team. By utilizing custom properties and external tools, HubSpot workflows are implemented to accurately record subscriptions and unsubscriptions in both CanopyDeploy emails and HubSpot emails.

With the close cooperation of Drukwerkdeal.nl's project team, we adopted a sprint format to migrate campaigns to HubSpot. Drukwerkdeal distinguishes between two types of campaigns: commercial campaigns and transactional campaigns. An exciting example of a commercial campaign is the hook calendar, which provides businesses with dates and facts that can be leveraged for real-time engagement on social media. On the other hand, a transactional campaign example includes the confirmation email received after placing an order.

Ruben, HubSpot Consultant

"It's remarkable to witness how we can make two entirely different platforms collaborate seamlessly, all while migrating all our campaigns to HubSpot."

Ruben, HubSpot Consultant


In these projects, we have utilized the Operations Hub, the transactional Email add-on, and programmable email modules. The migration of both Drukwerkdeal.nl and Printdeal.be has been successful. Currently, 30 commercial campaigns are running in HubSpot, along with 12 active transactional campaigns. This means HubSpot is now used for the majority of email communication. It's a fantastic outcome after a period of intensive collaboration. The next step: optimizing the existing campaigns!


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