Data quality and process optimisation with HubSpot Operations Hub

For whom
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The challenge

EclecticIQ supports its customers in detecting and responding to cyber threats more swiftly. EclecticIQ is the only company that combines proven front-line expertise with an open and expandable platform for automation and collaboration in the realm of threat intelligence, forensic endpoint visibility, and response to cyber threats. The company is a heavyweight in the cybersecurity sector and is enlisted by partners such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Amazon.

Elles, HubSpot Consultant

"Data is the new gold. Maximizing the utilization of data holds tremendous value for an organization like EclecticIQ."

Elles, HubSpot Consultant

The solution

EclecticIQ chose HubSpot CRM for its extensive automation capabilities. The goal was to automate as much manual work as possible, enhancing the efficiency of the sales and marketing teams. Bright Digital assisted in developing and setting up intricate processes within HubSpot. Smart utilization of the Operations Hub involved custom-coded actions in workflows, ensuring these processes run smoothly in HubSpot.

Data quality is paramount for all businesses, including EclecticIQ. EclecticIQ needs to rely on the validity of email addresses in the CRM system. To automate this verification process, we intelligently utilized various functionalities of the Operations Hub. This approach keeps the marketing team informed about contacts eligible for email campaigns. Another instance of ensuring data quality involves the automatic qualification of countries by EclecticIQ. This information is then used for allocation towards sales efforts. By automating these processes, not only is time saved, but the likelihood of errors in the sales and marketing process is significantly reduced.


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