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Background information

Online Payment Platform

Online Payment Platform (OPP) provides payment solutions for platforms & marketplaces. They are focused on streamlining and empowering innovative platforms with payments.

In 2013, Online Payment Platform launched as a payment service provider addressing the complex challenges of payments and onboarding within platform dynamics. Meanwhile, hundreds of clients use OPP's services, serving hundreds of millions of users.


The question


Part of the old website (blog) was already integrated in HubSpot CMS. We were asked to incorporate OPP's new branding into an entirely integrated HubSpot website.

Additionally, the SEO of the website is in need of improvement and will be optimised during construction. This allows the new SEO optimisations to be implemented at the same time the website is being developed.

Due to the size of the project and the estimated deadlines, all sprints are closely monitored under the guidance of a project manager.

Flexible modules

The website is built with flexible modules. This means that these modules can be used on multiple pages with multiple design settings. This makes the structure of the website efficient, flexible and future-proof.

"OPP challenged us with a very creative design, a challenge we gladly accepted!"
Teun, Teamlead Development at Bright Digital

Approach for optimal results

A website project at Bright Digital follows a fixed, balanced step-by-step plan. Throughout the project, the entire team remains involved under the direction of a project manager, ensuring that we achieve the intended goals within scope and budget.

1. Kick-off

During the kick-off with our multidisciplinary team, we take note of the strategy, positioning, personas, new requirements and current barriers. During the brainstorm, we outline the contours of the online strategy and determine the objectives, scope, schedule and budget.

2. Development

Our developers create the modules and pages exactly like the delivered designs. Besides developing pages, templates and modules, this phase also includes creating links and integrations. Once everything is in place, it is thoroughly tested and reviewed before moving on to the final testing phase.

3. SEO journey

We started by analysing OPP's old positions and old website. In doing so, we analyzed search intent and user's search behavior. In addition, we did a competitive analysis in order to look for opportunities in the market that OPP was not yet taking advantage of. For the website, we prepared URL's, meta titles and descriptions based on our optimisation research.

Upon the launch, we made sure that Google was able to index the new website properly.

4. Testing

During this phase, the website has been fully developed.

The remaining pages are being created and filled. Any improvements found during the testing phase are being resolved and we are preparing everything for the launch.

Based on the request and requirements, while going live, DNS changes are passed on, SEO plans are implemented and external tools such as Google Tag Manager are set up.

5. Go live & grow

Everything settled? Then we flip the switch and the new website can start doing its job.
Ready for growth!

Bright Digital also offers ongoing support and optimisation after going live. In a monthly retainer, we optimise the website based on insights gained from data. By means of Growth Driven Design, the website is continuously being improved.

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