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A website as a growth catalyst for CloudNation

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CloudNation supports organisations in accelerating their transformation to the public cloud to ensure their growth ambitions are not limited by IT. With more than 50 cloud-native engineers and consultants, CloudNation has extensive knowledge and realises high-end cloud solutions, with a keen eye for people and process. From advice to implementation and development, this is how CloudNation empowers organisations to grow faster and achieve a larger impact.

Client challenge

CloudNation has grown firmly in three years. Through the founders' own network, a solid customer base has been built. CloudNation remained under the radar as a kind of hidden gem so far, but wants to further showcase its knowledge and expertise. CloudNation asked Bright Digital to develop a new website which can act as a catalyst for further growth, with the sub-goals being:

  • lead generation & acquisition
  • recruitment of new talent
  • thought leadership

Website process

A website project at Bright Digital follows an extensive, balanced step-by-step plan. During the project, the entire team remains involved under the direction of a project manager, in order to achieve the intended goals within scope and budget.


1. Requirements workshop

During the kick-off, Bright took note of CloudNation's ambitious goals: doubling their turnover and growing from 50 to 80 FTE in 2 years. The goal of the new website is to inform visitors that CloudNation is the absolute expert in their field, with many great references in their portfolio. CloudNation wants to be seen as a lifelong cloud and business partner. Together we determined the scope, planning and budget.


2. Wireframes

Armed with the right objectives and requirements from the workshop, Bright Digital visualised the conceptual representation of the sitemap and website templates using FlowMapp. Afterwards, Bright Digital's UI/UX designers translated this into eleven detailed wireframes.


3. Web design

After we agreed on the presented wireframes, the designers developed the HubSpot website based on the style guide provided to us by CloudNation. Furthermore, Bright Digital performed a comprehensive research into CloudNation's buyer personas in order to achieve the right appearance and design language: businesslike, fresh and to-the-point.

Flexible modules

CloudNation's website is built with a set of flexible modules. This means that these modules can be used on multiple pages with multiple design settings. This makes the structure of the website efficient, flexible and future-proof.


4. Development

The developers at Bright Digital developed the modules exactly in line with the provided designs. Communication with the customer during this phase was important and went smoothly. Meanwhile, at CloudNation, all disciplines have started writing content based on their own expertise.

Ready, set, go

5. Go-live

In preparation for the launch, a comprehensive test plan was carried out. Furthermore, Bright Digital passed on the DNS changes, a careful SEO plan was put in place to ensure all redirects were done properly in order to avoid losing blog posts and Google Tag Manager was updated.


CloudNation is very satisfied with its new website. We provided a business website with a cool character and fresh appearance. A website that portrays CloudNation's knowledge and expertise well, partly through a healthy dose of persuasiveness and social proof. The next steps are translating the website into English and further develop its content based on insights from visitor data.


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