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Great Place To Work

Great Place To Work is the global authority on corporate culture. They help organisations in building a culture of trust. This is achieved by means of the Trust Index™, an employee survey that measures trust, pride and pleasure. This annual survey has been carried out for more than 30 years in 10,000 organisations in 60 countries.


Great Place To Work is a dynamic organisation where people are at the heart of its core, both internally and externally. The organisation is looking to showcase this people-focused culture on its website, in line with its updated corporate identity.

Bright is invited to help them with the step-by-step transformation of their website. Since there is already an existing HubSpot CMS website up and running, we approach this process in phases, which we call Growth Driven Design. This allows optimisations to go live instantaneously and yield faster results.

Growth Driven Design

A Growth Driven Design project at Bright Digital follows sprints. During the project, the team remains involved under the direction of a project manager, to ensure that we achieve the agreed goals within the scope and budget.

1. Workshop

With help from the workshop, we gather requirements and the clients' wishes. To Great Place To Work, user-friendliness and transparency for the visitor, together with conversion optimisation for the organisation are very important.

The first phases focus on the following topics:

  • Maintaining a clean HubSpot database
  • Optimising the HubSpot framework
  • SEO 
  • Design and development of homepage, navigation and employer pages.
Diana, Lead UX/UI designer

"It is a great pleasure to be able to work for Great Place To Work. With such a cool corporate identity and focus on usability and accessibility, I can completely put my money where my mouth is."

Diana, Lead UX/UI designer

2. Optimisation

With consideration of the corporate culture and in close cooperation with the Great Place To Work team, Bright delivered a completely new homepage, navigation and employer pages and laid the foundation for further site development. By realising flexible modules, new pages are able to be deployed more swiftly. The larger the set of flexible modules in the library, the more rapidly future pages can be established.

At the same time, SEO optimisations were carried out for the website.

Website preview afbeelding

3. Implementation

During the implementation phase, the final parts of the pages are tested and configured. Meanwhile, at Great Place To Work, marketers have started writing content and arranging the portal.

In addition, Bright's HubSpot consultant works with Great Place To Work in optimising marketing and sales automation and organising the HubSpot CRM.

Live? Ready for the next sprint!


"Working with Great Place To Work is a great pleasure. On the one hand due to their professional knowledge and vision and on the other due to their openness, transparency and pleasant way of communicating."

Janneke, Project manager


Great Place To Work is proud of its upgraded website, which more accurately reflects the organisation's image. Redesigning HubDB, the relational database within HubSpot's CMS, has made it more efficient and easier for Great Place To Work's marketers to update, categorise and updating content. With hundreds of web pages that join the platform each year, this is not an unnecessary luxury!

Check out the new pages here:

Anouk Minnes, Marketeer Great Place To Work Nederland

"We are very happy with the high quality and working with experts. You guys are proactive, enthusiastic and half a word is enough. You know exactly what we want in terms of design that fits our branding and we know that in practice, it works exactly as intended."

Anouk Minnes, Marketer at Great Place To Work Nederland

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