Bronkhorst Buitenleven
CASE Study

An increase in ad results thanks to the integration with HubSpot CRM

For Whom
Bronkhorst Buitenleven
Marketing services, Advertising

Bronkhorst Buitenleven manufactures tailor-made luxury outdoor living accommodations for consumers in the upper segment of the market in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Craftsmanship, customisation and quality are key. Bronkhorst Buitenleven takes care of its customers from design to completion and scores exceptionally high on customer satisfaction. Based on a sophisticated marketing strategy, the company has experienced solid growth over the past ten years.

The challenge

Bronkhorst Buitenleven is mainly known in the upper segment. The focus here is on image and perception of the brand. To support the ongoing always-on ads, there was a desire to create a display campaign that convinces and reminds the prospect to take action.

  • Strong focus on appearance
  • Long lead time to a purchase
  • Design that reinforces the brand.


In order to make the display campaign as relevant as possible, a connection was made between the customer data in HubSpot and Google Ads. Through HubSpot, target groups were synchronised with Google Ads. Additionally the target audience was segmented based on their lifecycle stage. This made it possible to focus the campaign exclusively on leads, MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) or SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads). This also presented us with the opportunity to optimise the bidding strategy in Google Ads. This strategy gave us a clear insight into who would see the ad.

To keep the look and feel of the ads in line with the brand, HTML5 banners were chosen. This type of banners are an excellent choice in bringing out the right branding.



By synchronising between Google Ads and HubSpot, it was possible to connect audiences and conversions as well as gain insight into the number of impressions from the ads. Think about the number of clicks, the number of forms filled in, the number of deals resulting from them and what the ROI was. This enabled us to achieve an ROI of as much as 14,300% at a low cost per contact.



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