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Increase of 115% in top 3 positions in 1 year for Mattador

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At Mattador, the main focus was on performance marketing. The goal was to focus more on SEO, creating a better balance between organic and ads. Through keyword research we saw that competition for organic traffic was high. So there was work to be done to surpass the competition and achieve organic growth.


The 3 pillars of SEO

To grow organically, Mattador employed all three pillars of SEO.

First, we made sure to minimize error messages and set up the website properly. For example, we completed the robots.txt, we do a check every month on the indexed pages and make sure images load properly. We also monitor the Core Web Vitals to make sure that the performance of the website is optimal.

Every month we do qualitative link building with which we manage to obtain good external backlinks in order to grow our authority. We also focus on internal link building and make sure that all visitors can easily find relevant pages.

The content on the website is optimized to better match the visitor's search intent, as well as include the right search terms in the titles and running text. In addition, we write blogs to provide more information about the product and update existing texts on an ongoing basis.


In almost a year we have doubled the number of top 3 and top 10 positions. Because the content has become more qualitative - including on the category pages - we see that the positions of these pages have increased significantly. This resulted in more clicks to the website.

With the help of Bright Digital, Mattador has been growing significantly for several years. It's great to be able to work with the people of Bright. What especially appeals to me are the knowledge and skills of the team and their proactive attitude. Both on a strategic and operational level, they come up with a clear vision and help our company grow.

Gooswijn Visscher Owner - Mattador

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