Reached 550,000 livestock farmers in 6 countries and generated 65% more leads

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Phibro Animal Health Corporation is a leading global company specializing in animal health and nutrition. Since 2012, Phibro Animal Health Corporation started serving Europe in the field of cattle nutrition. In Europe, Bright Digital works closely with Phibro Animal Health Corporation. It is a challenge for Phibro to devise, prepare, keep track, roll out and maintain consistency in a comprehensive marketing campaign for 6 different countries.

The challenge

Every spring and summer, dairy farmers face another challenge - heat stress in cows. Heat stress in cows occurs when a cow cannot cope well with excessively high temperatures. It negatively affects milk production, fertility and animal health. For this situation, Phibro offers a nutritional supplement that supports the immune system, especially during (unexpected) stress conditions. Phibro aims to influence its target audience by sharing knowledge about their supplement. A proven and effective method is spreading knowledge through blogs and offering a downloadable checklist. The aim is to guide their target audience in the process of lead nurturing and drive conversion.

  • Seasonal campaign
  • Rollout in 6 different countries
  • Automating a nurture flow
  • Design


A comprehensive marketing campaign was created for Phibro. This plan described the goal, the course of action and the marketing assets to be delivered or translated by Phibro. The plan was presented during a digital training session to employees from 6 countries. Due to a framed plan, close cooperation and the fact that all faces were in the same direction, the campaign was launched without problems. 

To make this campaign a success, the following components were realised:

  • 25 emails
  • 10 landing pages
  • 10 than you pages
  • 5 checklists
  • 5 CTAs
  • 5 ads
  • 5 workflows


Thanks to the consistent and efficient rollout, not only we saved a lot of time, but we generated 65% more leads in comparison to the previous quarter. In the process, we reached an increase of 70% more visitors on the website. Overall, the lead nurture flow achieved a 7% conversion rate. Phibro reached over 550,000 livestock farmers in 6 countries within the relevant target audience. The CTR also came in well above the benchmark in the agricultural industry.

Daan, Growth Consultant

"By deploying a smart inbound marketing campaign combined with the use of HubSpot marketing tools, Phibro Animal Health Corporation can achieve a sustainable and scalable grow in the niche in which the organisation operates."

Daan, Growth consultant


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