Accelerated growth through rebranding and a digital marketing approach


Destin Travel Group, specializing in travel experiences tailored for seniors.

The Destin Travel Group (formerly known as FST Group) has been active in the travel industry for many years. Its origins can be traced back to the family-owned business, Amicitia Reizen, which specializes in travel for seniors. Through a strategic approach of buying and building, Destin has grown into a group that now consists of 6 specialized providers, offering everything from train journeys to luxury air cruises.


The current marketing approach of Destin Travel is facing challenges and is in need of a digital innovation boost. Additionally, Destin has reached out to Bright Digital with a broad request: how can you transform 6 unique brands into one group without losing customers? How can we create more synergy and consistency in our marketing approach and gain better insight into our marketing ROI? Destin Travel has approached Bright Digital for:

  • Consultation and development of strategy and rebranding
  • A fresh HubSpot CMS website
  • Continuous support for digital marketing

"The complexity of the problem makes it intriguing. There is a lot at stake. It is a challenge to recommend the right strategy for this. I am extremely pleased with how well it has turned out. The campaigns are also highly successful, sometimes generating more leads than necessary to fully book a trip."

Vincent, Growth consultant



Bright Digital helps businesses maximize their marketing potential by applying our proven success formula.

HubSpot consultancy

Destin utilizes its own CRM software tailored specifically for the travel industry. While it excels in facilitating travel bookings and management, it is not as effective in driving successful marketing and sales strategies.

Bright has developed a seamless integration with HubSpot CRM, allowing all real-time data to be instantly accessible in HubSpot. Furthermore, we have implemented HubSpot Marketing Professional Hub, enabling us to run highly targeted marketing campaigns.

In addition, we have leveraged the power of CMS Hub Professional to cleverly merge website data with CRM data.

The outcome: impeccable insights for segmentation and personalized and automated marketing, campaigns, and follow-ups.


HubSpot website

Following the repositioning, Bright seamlessly integrated five websites into a single, unified platform within the HubSpot CMS. Our team dedicated themselves to crafting a website that exudes a premium experience, while also embodying a modern and engaging aesthetic to drive lead generation.

The primary objective is to generate MQLs. We collaborate closely with the Destin team to precisely align the campaigns with the available capacity per trip.


Marketing services

Bright assists Destin in its growth through the implementation of intelligent digital marketing strategies. In doing so, we continuously optimize the media and channel mix for each target audience.

Within the retainer, we provide extensive support to Destin's team with a wide range of services, from online advertising campaigns to lead nurturing. This collaboration has already yielded outstanding results: the entire booking season and, consequently, the business objectives have been surpassed with flying colors!


"Bright has been instrumental in assisting us with our repositioning, website, and effective marketing approach. The collaboration continues to exceed our expectations. It is an exciting challenge for both Destin and Bright to constantly innovate in order to better serve our guests.


We find the partnership pleasant and knowledgeable, and we appreciate the guidance we receive in the retainer. It feels like we have gained some valuable additional colleagues, which is a great sign! We look forward to the upcoming months, the successes we will achieve together, and everything that lies ahead!"

Corstiaan van Pelt, Marketing Manager at Destin Travel Group


Destin Travel's comprehensive approach and innovative strategies have led to remarkable growth in the number of bookings. The number of leads has surpassed all expectations, while the cost per sale has been significantly reduced. Additionally, the cross-selling efforts between different labels have doubled, further boosting our success.


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