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Fully organized international digital HubSpot training for Nextmune

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HubSpot consultancy, Training

The challenge

Nextmune is an internationally operating pharmaceutical company based in Sweden, dedicated to improving the health of dogs, cats, and horses. Specializing in allergy and dermatology, as well as pet care and nutrition, Nextmune's product range is marketed worldwide in over 70 countries through veterinary clinics, retail outlets, and online stores. As the company expands, more and more businesses are joining under the Nextmune name. Nextmune is already established in Scandinavia, the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Nextmune utilizes HubSpot for various purposes: the lead-to-deal process is managed within the CRM platform. The use of HubSpot is crucial, and with new staff continuously joining and using HubSpot, there is a strong emphasis on user adoption. But how do you ensure that over 100 international users receive the necessary information and tools to maximize their use of HubSpot?

Roos, HubSpot Implementation Specialist

"A challenging task to guide experts from various countries with different levels of expertise and diverse cultural and business practices into the fascinating world of HubSpot."

Roos, HubSpot Implementation Specialist

The solution

To achieve this, we have initiated a training project in collaboration with our primary contacts at Nextmune. In this project, roles have been defined, and the expected knowledge and skills for each role have been determined. Following this assessment, teams were formed, taking into account the diverse levels of expertise in HubSpot know-how.

Team Bright are always willing to help out with any HubSpot issue we might have, and even when those issues are multi-layered and complex to fix they are persistent, innovative, and flexible to our needs. They are open to working with and training people of different experience levels and different industry fields which can be challenging when introducing a tool like HubSpot for the first time, but with their help it went smoothly!

L. Damyanovska Nextmune


The over 100 HubSpot users were divided into teams, and over a period of almost two months, two training sessions were held weekly, taking into account the different time zones. This approach allowed Nextmune to onboard the new colleagues into HubSpot with minimal time investment, while providing existing users ample opportunities to refresh their knowledge and ask questions.


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