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Boon Edam speeds up lead nurturing process with HubSpot plugin

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Looking for and extracting valuable information from leads can be a time-consuming process. Henk Goede, Marketing Manager at Boon Edam, believed there had to be a faster and more efficient way. He brought Company.info and Bright together, resulting in a convenient HubSpot plugin. This plugin automatically enriches a customer profile in HubSpot with all relevant company data. "Thanks to the plugin, I have more information about leads, saving me work and time. As a result, the lead nurturing process not only becomes more efficient, but I can also establish contact with potential customers more quickly."

From revolving doors to access gates

Boon Edam is an international player in the field of revolving doors and secure access products, including security doors and access gates. In collaboration with Bright, Boon Edam transitioned from traditional to HubSpot inbound marketing. And with success: within a year, the returns from online resources kept rising continuously.

Time-consuming lead nurturing processes

However, Henk identified areas for improvement in the lead nurturing process. "We developed knowledge documents for our four main target groups. This approach allowed us to address the audience personally, highlighting their problems and pain points along with solutions. Additionally, we pulled website visitors out of anonymity. The knowledge documents were only downloadable in exchange for an email address."

After a visitor downloaded such a document, an automatic workflow began. "It included emails where we shared interesting blogs or other knowledge documents. With each new download, I asked for different information, such as the company name, number of employees, and Chamber of Commerce registration number."

The major drawback of this approach? Sometimes it took up to 3 months before Boon Edam had gathered all relevant information from a potential lead. And that's not all. "After a sales-qualified lead was finally obtained, I had to manually add information to HubSpot. It was a time-consuming task because I had to search for everything via Google. I thought it could be done better," said Henk.


Achieve more conversions quickly with the HubSpot plugin

That's when Henk took the initiative to collaborate between Company.info and Bright. His idea: linking Company.info's data to HubSpot. Bright developed the plugin, and Company.info provided the data. Henk stated, "Throughout the entire process, I provided input on what I needed exactly and in what manner. This led to a perfectly functioning plugin."

With the HubSpot plugin, you automatically enrich a customer profile with all the desired company details. After a lead fills out the contact form on your website, relevant information is immediately transferred to HubSpot's backend, including:

  • Contact details
  • Company size
  • Industry description (SBI code)
  • Management information
  • Financial key figures

This effortless process provides you with a complete and up-to-date view of your leads. Moreover, this information makes it much easier to qualify leads and follow up with precision. As a result, the lead nurturing process becomes significantly faster, leading to more conversions.

More relevant information, less work

Henk thoroughly enjoys using the HubSpot plugin. It not only saves him a lot of work but also leads to faster conversions for Boon Edam. Now, when a company becomes a sales-qualified lead, all relevant company information is instantly available. There is a much better understanding of the leads' profiles: from which industry they hail, under which market segment they fall, and so on.

Henk: "The lead nurturing process has been significantly accelerated because I need to gather much less information through download forms. For example, when someone downloads a file now, I immediately ask if there's an ongoing construction project. I used to ask that question only at the end of the process, whereas, ideally, I'd like to know that from the very first download.


"I love working efficiently, and this plugin helps me do just that. It saves me a lot of research time, and we establish contact with potential customers much faster."

Henk Goede, Marketing manager at Boon Edam

Setting up your lead process more efficiently

For all these reasons, Henk wholeheartedly recommends the HubSpot plugin. 'Every company can streamline its lead process with this tool. The time between first contact and qualified lead significantly shortens because you no longer need to request company information. Additionally, we've noticed it boosts conversion rates since people have to fill out fewer fields, leading to more downloads. The costs more than justify the value the plugin provides. In my opinion, it's a no-brainer!'

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