Smart segmentation with for Basecone


The challenge

In collaboration with, we developed the plugin for HubSpot. This software enriches contacts in the HubSpot CRM system with additional company information as soon as someone fills out a form. This includes details such as the number of employees, annual revenue, and geographic information. This accelerates the qualification and lead nurturing process.

Basecone approached Bright Digital with a similar request. Basecone lacked the ability to place the necessary scripts to extend form functionality. Therefore, we explored a solution that works directly from the CRM system instead of using forms as the starting point.

The solution

Basecone utilizes the HubSpot Operations Hub. With this component of HubSpot, access to 'coded actions' and 'webhooks' is provided, enabling data retrieval from another platform (via an API), processing, and storing it back in HubSpot. Additionally, Operations Hub allows Basecone to easily clean up, format, and enhance data quality.

To enrich company information within HubSpot, Bright Digital's development team first created an integration that serves as an intermediary between HubSpot and It's not possible to directly access the API from HubSpot.


Next, a workflow was set up to trigger an action when a custom property named 'Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number' is filled. To this workflow, a coded action was added that calls the API of the intermediary station.

From the workflow, the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number of a company is sent. The intermediary station calls the API and then sends back all the company details.

Within the coded action, it is determined which information needs to be stored within HubSpot. Basecone has the capability to decide which information they want to update in HubSpot. The data is stored in various custom properties within HubSpot's Company object.

Teun Rutten

"With the plugin, you can effortlessly enrich your company data in HubSpot."

Teun, Lead Developer


Thanks to the implemented plugin, Basecone can now segment and qualify companies faster and more efficiently, allowing them to target their audience more effectively. At the time of this publication, Basecone has already enriched more than 250 companies with additional data.

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