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Bronkhorst Buitenleven manufactures tailor-made luxury outdoor living accommodations for consumers in the upper segment of the market in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Craftsmanship, customisation and quality are key. Bronkhorst Buitenleven takes care of its customers from design to completion and scores exceptionally high on customer satisfaction. Based on a sophisticated marketing strategy, the company has experienced solid growth over the past ten years.




Bronkhorst Buitenleven wants to translate its tightened positioning into a new website in the HubSpot CMS. The primary goal is to generate hundreds of SQLs, without diminishing the exclusive appearance of their brand. A secondary purpose is to track customer online behavior through integration with the HubSpot CRM system.

Flexible modules

Bronkhorst's website is built with a set of flexible modules. This means that these modules can be used on multiple pages with multiple design settings. This makes the structure of the website efficient, flexible and future-proof.

“We are partners for many years. I am very satisfied! Bright has helped us automating the marketing processes more efficiently. This way we were able to establish a higher return on our investment. Highly recommended.”
Gert Hop, owner of Bronkhorst

Unique experience

By using a lot of images and video material, the website comes to life and the visitor can really feel the lifestyle. Time, attention and freedom are central to the mission of Bronkhorst Buitenleven and therefore, these feeling are represented by their web design.

“A simple but modern look & feel has been created for Bronkhorst with a focus on typography. Adjustments in line height and font size created a distinguished style. Grayscale, lines, beautiful images and different image formats delivered a premium look.”
Andreea, Visual designer at Bright Digital

Our approach for optimal results

A website project at Bright Digital follows an extensive, balanced step-by-step plan. During the project, the entire team remains involved under the direction of a project manager, in order to achieve the intended goals within scope and budget.

1. Requirements workshop

During the kick-off with our multidisciplinary team, we take note of the strategy, positioning, personas, new requirements and current barriers. During the brainstorm, we outline the contours of the online strategy and determine the objectives, scope, schedule and budget.

2. Wireframes

With the objectives and requirements from the workshop in mind, a conceptual representation of the sitemap and associated templates are created using FlowMapp.

With the desired goals, existing and future content and the budget in mind, the pages are developed in wireframes. These are then discussed in detail.

Focused on the content, page goals, call-to-actions and website structure

3. Design
After approval of the wireframes, the design is created which aligns within the provided style guide. By delving deeper into the personas and listening to the customer's wishes, we arrive at the right look-and-feel and design language. This way the design breathes 100% your DNA.
4. Development

Our developers create the modules and pages exactly like the delivered designs. Besides developing pages, templates and modules, this phase also includes creating links and integrations. Once everything is in place, it is thoroughly tested and reviewed before moving on to the final testing phase.

5. Testing

During this phase, the website has been fully developed.

The remaining pages are being created and filled. Any improvements found during the testing phase are being resolved and we are preparing everything for the launch.

Based on the request and requirements, while going live, DNS changes are passed on, SEO plans are implemented and external tools such as Google Tag Manager are set up.

6. Go live & grow

Everything settled? Then we flip the switch and the new website can start doing its job.
Ready for growth!

Bright Digital also offers ongoing support and optimisation after going live. In a monthly retainer, we optimise the website based on insights gained from data. By means of Growth Driven Design, the website is continuously being improved.

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