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Boon Edam, a global success story

Boon Edam, a leading global force in the realm of revolving doors (also known as turnstile doors) and cutting-edge secure access solutions, empowers individuals worldwide to have complete control over who enters and who is kept out. Despite its remarkable success, Boon Edam was still in the early stages of its digital marketing journey. Recognizing the diminishing effectiveness of traditional marketing, Henk Goede, the astute marketing manager, became the industry trailblazer, foreseeing the future of inbound marketing. Seeking a partner to spearhead and refine this transition, Bright undertook the monumental task of igniting this transformative revolution.


Boon Edam aspired to be at the forefront of the industry by embracing the concept of inbound marketing. Instead of pushing customers, their aim was to entice them by providing genuine assistance throughout their customer journey. Their objective was to generate a higher number of top-notch leads through their website and gain valuable insights into their overall marketing efforts to effectively maximize ROI.


From onboarding to campaign

When crafting a powerful online marketing strategy for Boon Edam, the initial step involved identifying the ideal buyer personas. We conducted insightful interviews with our key target audiences, including project architects and facility managers, while also tapping into the valuable knowledge of Boon Edam's own employees. Naturally, the decision to embrace HubSpot as a comprehensive tool to drive Boon Edam's growth aspirations was a seamless evolution.

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HubSpot as a solid foundation

After conducting in-depth interviews with various personas, we gained a clear understanding of Boon Edam's ideal customer. Armed with this valuable insight, we created compelling new content and established a strong presence on HubSpot, including engaging landing pages, impactful emails, and efficient workflows. To provide added value to potential leads, we offered downloadable resources, such as insightful blogs, in exchange for their email addresses. This allowed us to seamlessly guide them through every stage of their customer journey, providing the information they needed along the way. The exceptional results we achieved caught the attention of Boon Edam's American division, sparking their interest in transitioning to the HubSpot platform as well. As a result, we seamlessly migrated both portals into a unified environment and ensured that employees were equipped with the necessary training to implement and effectively utilize HubSpot's powerful capabilities.

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Digital marketing as the catalyst

Once we had completed the initial strategic phase and successfully implemented HubSpot, we eagerly launched our campaigns. We fully embraced the inbound methodology for Boon Edam, employing a comprehensive approach that included SEO, advertising, email marketing, and automation. Additionally, we placed great emphasis on empowering and aligning our Sales and Marketing teams. Thanks to the implementation of dashboarding, Boon Edam now enjoys a clear and detailed view of the return on investment generated from their marketing endeavors.


In response to a specific request from Boon Edam, we recently developed the remarkable Company.info plugin for HubSpot. This innovative tool revolutionizes the lead process by significantly reducing the time between initial contact and qualified leads, as there is no longer a need to gather company information. Moreover, it effectively boosts conversion rates by minimizing the number of form fields that visitors must fill out when downloading content.

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Consistently increasing returns from online marketing initiatives

By centralizing operations through a single portal, both the local and global branches of Boon Edam have experienced a remarkable boost in efficiency, leading to valuable time savings. Furthermore, the company has witnessed a substantial increase in the number of leads generated, accompanied by a significant improvement in their quality through meticulous nurturing and attentive follow-up.

Henk Goede: "Demonstrating the ROI of our old-school marketing methods, such as advertising and trade shows, was quite challenging. However, with the implementation of inbound marketing, this is now much more transparent. It allows me to allocate my budget more efficiently, focusing on areas that deliver tangible results for our organization."

"The knowledge and expertise of the team at Bright have propelled us forward significantly. Not only on the marketing front but especially in bringing Sales and Marketing closer together. Customer interactions have become much more relevant, and leads that are followed up convert faster and more frequently."
Claudia Maglio, Marketing Specialist at Boon Edam

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