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Bronkhorst Buitenleven
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Bronkhorst Buitenleven, luxury outdoor accommodations.

Bronkhorst Buitenleven specializes in crafting custom luxury outdoor accommodations for high-end consumers in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Their focus lies on craftsmanship, tailor-made solutions, and exceptional quality. From design to completion, Bronkhorst Buitenleven provides a seamless customer experience and consistently receives high levels of customer satisfaction. Through a well-thought-out marketing strategy, the company has experienced significant growth over the past decade.


About a decade ago, Bronkhorst Buitenleven cast a wide net with a range of offline campaigns. Despite generating numerous quotes, actual orders lagged behind. Their marketing Return on Investment (ROI) took a hit, lacking actionable insights from data. Meanwhile, competition intensified. Seeking a scalable and results-driven marketing approach, Bronkhorst Buitenleven turned to Bright Digital for guidance. They aimed to gain control over their marketing and sales efforts. Additionally, the company sought ongoing marketing support.


"This challenge excited us from the start, as it aligns perfectly with our expertise. Bright possesses extensive knowledge in marketing strategy, enabling us to seamlessly translate it into a performance-driven approach where ROI takes center stage."

Lambert, Partner at Bright Digital


Bright Digital assists businesses in maximizing their marketing efforts by applying our proven formula for success.

HubSpot consultancy

Bright Digital replaced Bronkhorst Buitenleven's fragmented tools, including ZoHo CRM, Excel for lead registration and follow-ups, a custom dashboard for campaign ROI insights, and MailChimp for email marketing, with the all-in-one HubSpot CRM platform. Everything is set up to seamlessly handle approximately 10,000 leads per year. From lead nurturing and scoring to workflows and dashboarding, every aspect has been optimized. As a result, Bronkhorst Buitenleven significantly reduced FTEs while enhancing their commercial performance.

HubSpot website

After transitioning to HubSpot and undergoing a repositioning, there was a desire to renew the website, building it directly within the HubSpot CMS for optimal synergy with the HubSpot CRM system. The essence of the website had to strike a delicate balance between branding and lead generation. We successfully achieved a robust design that offers the right ambiance and user experience. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and the website performs exceptionally well in terms of conversions.

New website
An online sales and marketing powerhouse wrapped in luxury.
HubSpot website voor Bronkhorst Buitenleven

Marketing services

For years, Bronkhorst Buitenleven has been a significant print advertiser. Bright Digital's growth marketing team was tasked with reducing Bronkhorst Buitenleven's reliance on print campaigns and generating a minimum of 600 SQLs annually through a well-thought-out online marketing strategy. To achieve this, we continuously work on SEO and CRO, managing and monitoring all online budgets and campaigns.

Elevated display advertising outcomes due to integration with HubSpot CRM.
Gert Hop, Algemeen Directeur Bronkhorst

"For years, longstanding partners, highly satisfied!"

We've been successfully utilizing HubSpot, thanks to Bright's assistance in smartly automating our marketing processes. This has allowed us to achieve more with our marketing and sales while reducing staffing costs. Highly recommended.

Gert Klaassen, General manager at Bronkhorst Buitenleven


Bronkhorst Buitenleven operates under Bright Digital's 'Marketing-as-a-Service' model, meaning the majority of marketing operations are handled by Bright Digital. Throughout our 10-year partnership, we have achieved significant milestones together. Results continue to rise annually, evident brand preference is established, and both the cost per lead and marketing cost per order have drastically decreased. The sales and marketing engine has become more efficient, benefiting from enhanced automation and reduced staffing costs.


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