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Smart modules with programmable email

For whom

The challenge

At Drukwerkdeal, we handle all transactional emails through HubSpot, including order confirmations, track and trace details, and various other notifications, totaling over half a million emails in the past month alone. Incorporating upselling strategies is key in these communications.

Our challenge was to create an email module enabling us to showcase related content at the end of transactional emails. The objective was to feature a video tailored to the specific product category of the order.

The solution

We've developed a custom module for Drukwerkdeal utilizing the programmable email beta. This beta enables us to create custom email modules with complex logic. Additionally, we can fetch and display CRM, CMS, and HubDB data in a HubSpot email.

The module is sent via a 'deal-based workflow,' allowing us to easily retrieve line items in the email module. We then iterate through all line items to determine the most common category.

Furthermore, within the module, we've implemented fields where Drukwerkdeal can input the necessary content and specify which category the content should be displayed for.

Schermafbeelding 2022-11-24 om 19.45.02

This functionality allows Drukwerkdeal to match content based on CRM data, ensuring that the exact content relevant to the recipient is displayed. It can also be utilized in an email module where related products are showcased.



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